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School of Audiology and Speech Sciences
Department Street Address
2177 Wesbrook Mall
V6T 1Z3
Degrees Offered
ASA Chapter
Program Summary

A PhD in Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology opens many doors, both inside and outside of academia. PhD training provides the skills to carry out one’s own research, as well as to participate in research teams. The School's program consists of 18 credits of coursework and a research-based PhD dissertation.

The School can provide the unique opportunity of completing coursework and clinical training required for certification as an audiologist or speech-language pathologist within the doctoral program of studies. Currently, any prospective student considering this option must first apply to enter the Master of Science in either audiology or speech-language pathology.

Exceptional students currently enrolled in SASS MSc programs in audiology and speech-language pathology may be eligible to transfer into the PhD program.

The School's MSc program offers graduates an entry-level degree to practice as an Audiologist or a Speech-Language Pathologist. At the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences, problem-solving is highly valued as an acquirable skill. The School’s thorough, theoretical approach guides graduate program coursework. This focus equips students to keep pace with the constant changes in science, practice and technology. Studying in state-of-the-art teaching and research labs with outstanding faculty prepares students to be confident practitioners who are effective, in-demand, and equipped with the skills to pursue new knowledge.

What makes the program unique?

The School of Audiology and Speech Sciences (SASS) in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC is the only program in British Columbia that educates speech-language pathologists and audiologists.
The School provides education and training that integrates foundational knowledge, research, and evidence-based practical skills. This learning experience will allow you to adapt to changes throughout your career as an audiologist, a speech-language pathologist, or an academic.
Our graduates develop a working knowledge and respectful appreciation of cultural and linguistic differences, and they learn to engage in culturally safe and competent clinical practice with people of all backgrounds.
SASS offers externships, ensuring that you experience clinical settings that reflect the diverse realities of practice. Externships are taught by experienced clinicians who understand the needs of clients and their families.
SASS faculty are internationally renowned for their research. In addition to mentoring and training M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, faculty members are regularly sought after to provide specific expertise. They often introduce cutting-edge techniques used by clinicians and institutions throughout B.C., across Canada, and around the world.

N.B.: Applications to the MSc program are accepted only from individuals who have Canadian citizenship or permanent residency status. We are unable to accept applications for this program from individuals who require a student visa to study in Canada.

Funding is available from the Acoustical Society of America through a program of fellowships, scholarships, prizes, grants, and student and young professional awards.

There are also funding opportunities that are offered in connection with meetings of the Society including Student Travel Grants, Best Paper Awards for Students and Young Presenters, Young Investigator Travel Grants and Dependent Care Subsidies.

The Committee on International Research and Education oversees the International Student Grants program as well as sponsorship of Specialty Symposia in Acoustics.

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