International Year of Sound 2020

The International Year of Sound is a celebration of sound and how it enters our lives in so many ways.

Sound is important for both humans and animals, but remember that too much sound is a bad thing!

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What is Sound?

What is Sound?

Acoustics is the science of sound, learn more about both!

Fields of Study

Fields of Study

Learn about the many different areas of study and practice within acoustics!
Meet Acousticians

Meet Acousticians

Read different career profiles and interviews with acousticians!
Listen and Learn

Listen and Learn

Listen and learn about sounds found in nature!

Read the Research

Read the Research

Read about acoustics research, past and present!
Craft and Color

Craft and Color

Color and create, or play acoustics themed games!

Visualize Sound

Visualize Sound

Use simulators and other tools to understand acoustics properties!

Watch Videos

Watch Videos

Watch videos about acoustics and related topics!



Try out some fun experiments and projects about acoustics!

Get involved with IYS 2020!

Acoustics Today

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This special issue of features articles and other material from the pages of Acoustics Today that provide fascinating insight into various aspects of acoustics, including noise in restaurants and classrooms, the use of acoustics in forensics, the effects of environmental noise on human health, acoustics of climate change, the amazing sounds of baseball and softball bats, and the mechanical synthesis of human speech.

Our goal in doing this special issue is to help make students, educators, and others more aware of the importance of sound in their lives. We also encourage use of the articles in this special issue, as well as articles in all issues of Acoustics Today, as tools for learning about the world of sound around us.

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Acoustics Today is a quarterly publication from the Acoustical Society of America and combines the importance and value of technical analysis with real-world applications and the community’s need for books, standards and instrumentation. With a global audience, Acoustics Today penetrates the market for acoustics research, education, and engineering. The pieces in the magazine are aimed at people with a general background in acoustics, but might not be versed in a specific featured subject. 

We invite you to read about acoustics from any issue at

You can learn about even more acoustics topics! Visit the ASA publications website to discover the fascinating field of acoustics! 

You can find even more research that was presented at ASA Meetings. Just visit the Acoustics Press Archives.

My World of Sounds: International Competition

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The Competition is coordinated by ICA (International Commission of Acoustics) IYS2020 Steering Committee. This is an International Competition for students of Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools from all over the world. The competition is structured in two categories:

  • Competition for students of Primary and Middle Schools (approximately from 5 to 12 years old); Students are asked to produce hand-made drawings, pictures, patchworks, collages and similar, related to their world of sounds, inspired by the the motto of IYS2020 “Importance of Sound for Society and the World” and, possibly, by melody and refrain of the song “The Sound of the World”.
  • Competition for students of Secondary Schools (approximately from 13 to 18 years old).
    Students are asked to write a stanza of 4 verses in their native language and/or in English, inspired by the melody and the refrain of the song “The Sound of the World” as well as by the motto of IYS2020 “Importance of Sound for Society and the World”.

Participants can be students: as individual or organized in groups and whole classes, considered as representatives of their school.

ICA will provide three grants for each category of competition. Grants will be vouchers for books, educational materials or equipment for the value of 300 € (first prize), 200 € (second prize) and 100 € (third prize).

The song “The Sound of the World” is available at


Please download the complete competition details and form here:

The Participation Form must be filled out in English language, signed and sent by each participant or school to

REVISING DEADLINES – The deadline is being postponed to the end of the year 2020. Exact dates will be announced. The evaluation of the proposals will be done in the beginning of the 2021 and the announcement of the winners will be in 2021 in association with a major international acoustics meeting in 2021.

ASA will award the 3 national winners for each category for a total of 6 winners.
1st $200 (for each category)
2nd $150 (for each category)
3rd $100 (for each category)

See the US competition page:

Visit for all details.

Choirs and musical groups of students from the awarded schools will be asked to sing the final song and to send audios/videos to the Competition Coordinator Office. This will be assembled for the final song video.

Choirs and musical groups of students from the other (not awarded) schools could send their singing contribution as well to be considered and included in the final video if considered relevant by the Expert Jury.

The final materials will include: a booklet, a power point presentation and the musical video “The Sound of the World”, assembling all awarded and relevant pictures together with the final version of the song, sung by the students choirs from all over the world.

The video and all final materials will be uploaded on the IYS2020 and ICA websites as well as YouTube. All materials will be freely available from the web.

Student Design Competition

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The Student Design Competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students in the disciplines of Architecture, Engineering, Physics and other curriculums that involve building design and/or acoustics. This competition is intended to encourage students to express their knowledge of architectural acoustics and noise control in the design of a facility in which acoustical considerations are of significant importance.

An award of $1,250 will be made to the individual or team whose entry is chosen as “First Honors”. Commendation awards of $700 will be made to four other outstanding entries.

It is supported by the Robert Bradford Newman Fund, in conjunction with the ASA’s Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics and the National Council of Acoustical Consultants, with generous financial support from the Wenger Foundation.

The project involves designing a music pavilion with covered and lawn seating, to serve as the summer home for a city orchestra. The program also includes needs for an electro-acoustic sound reinforcement system, back of house support space, rehearsal rooms, offices, and dressing rooms.

Teams must register by April 15, 2020, and final entries are due by May 4, 2020.
Since the 179th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America has been postponed until December 8-12, 2020 (Tuesday—Saturday), a revision to the 2020 Student Design Competition Announcement with the new timeline is listed on the Competition website.

Teams must now register by November 16, 2020, and final entries are due by December 1, 2020.

Please see the announcement at 


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Wiki4YearofSound2020 is an international campaign to improve Wikipedia content in topics related to acoustics.

During the Edit-a-thon, editors will make changes to Wikipedia articles related to sound, acoustics, aeroacoustics, audio, signal processing, architectural acoustics, bioacoustics, electro-acoustics, environmental noise, musical acoustics, noise control, hearing and psychoacoustics, physical acoustics, speech, ultrasound, underwater sound and vibration. Editors can also translate pages from the English Wikipedia into other languages.

Contributions done during January through December 2020 will be highlighted in the International Year of Sound report of activities. Even small contributions help and you can start today!

Click here to join the campaign

Click here to track the campaign

The workshop will take place at the 179th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Chicago, Illinois 11-15 May 2020.

How can we highlight the importance of sound and related sciences and technologies for all in society? As people are turning to Wikipedia for information, we want the information they find to be complete, up-to-date, and accurate. For the International Year of Sound (IYS 2020), the Acoustical Society of America is supporting Wiki4YearOfSound2020, a campaign by NIOSH and other partners to improve Wikipedia articles related to sound. Workshop attendees will learn the basics of Wikipedia editing, make substantive changes to Wikipedia articles within their area of expertise, and find out more about the Wiki Education Foundation’s classroom program. Please create a Wikipedia account in advance of the event and bring your computer to the workshop.

There is no fee to participate, however, you must register online or use the printed registration form at the time you register for the meeting.

Visit the dashboard for more details.

ASA Events

13 February, 2020

US Opening Ceremony

The ASA Washington DC Regional Chapter will be hosting the US International Year of Sound Opening Ceremony on Thursday, February 13th, 6pm – 9pm in the American Center for Physics (One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740).

Press Release

3 March, 2020

World Hearing Day #JASAchat | Chat with Experts on Twitter

The editors of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America Special Issue: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Translating Risk from Animal Models to Real-World Environments will lead a discussion on one of the most common injuries for Service members and civilian workers exposed to noise. Participate by asking questions, give thoughts, and follow along using #JASAchat.

Follow JASA on Twitter

29 April, 2020

International Noise Awareness Day| #INAD

The Acoustical Society of America and the Center for Hearing are asking for 60 Seconds of No Noise from 2:15 – 2:16 pm (regardless of location/time zone). Just one minute highlights what “quiet” really sounds like and what it takes to preserve the peace and quiet in your life.

9–10 May 2020 *Cancelled*

ASA School 2020

ASA School 2020 is a two-day course for graduate students and early career acousticians being held in Itasca, Illinois. Visit for application information. Cancelled – ASA School 2021 will be held 5-6 June in conjunction with the spring 2021 meeting in Seattle, WA (7-11 June 2021.

8–12 December 2020

ASA meeting

The 179th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America will be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA.


Technical Tour to Riverbank Laboratories

Participants are asked to make a $10 donation to the Acoustical Society of America Early Career Leadership Campaign (CAECL) when they register for the meeting. Click here for more details.


Tutorial: Software best practices for reproducible and collaborative research

The presenters will share core software best practices and tools that can help make research processes and outcomes more reproducible and at the same time facilitate collaboration. In addition to the tutorial session, a hands-on session for testing and documentation will be held on Friday afternoon at a TBD location. Visit the meeting website for more details and to register.


ASA Jam Session

Come listen and learn about music and sound. People can come to the jam to listen, talk, and mingle with ASA members. This is a music social that encourages the members of ASA to interact with the public in a different environment that transcends the meetings’ committees and lectures. More details will be posted here:


Gallery of Acoustics

The Gallery will consist of a collection of images, videos, audio clips, and narrations of images and/or sounds generated by acoustic processes or resulting from signal and image processing of acoustic data. Visit the ASA meeting website for submission guidelines:


Wikipedia Editing Workshop: Wiki4YearOfSound2020

Workshop attendees will learn the basics of Wikipedia editing, make substantive changes to Wikipedia articles within their area of expertise, and find out more about the Wiki Education Foundation’s classroom program. Visit the ASA meeting website to register:


Without the Past, There is no Present or Future – The Story of Historical Instruments

A display of historical instruments and photographs will be on display at the 179th ASA Spring meeting.


Biomedical Acoustics Workshop: Time-domain ultrasound simulation in biological tissue using k-Wave

There is no fee to participate, however, participants must register online or use the printed registration form at the time of registering for 179th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. See full details here.