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Virtual Events

Free webinars, presentations, and Q&A’s about the science of sound and acoustics.

ASA Webinar Series

ASA Webinar Series

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Speakers cover topics of interest, including acoustical sciences, applications of acoustics, and careers in acoustics.

ESEA Acoustics Masters Lecture Series

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Certificate from ASA ESEA will be generated automatically upon the completion of a lecture.

Watch Past Virtual Events

Virtual Acoustics – The Real Thing!

Recorded 12 April 2021

Auditory Attention in Echolocating Bats

Recorded 18 March 2021

A conversation with James West

Recorded 25 February 2021

Experiential Design, Evolutionary Influence, and Spaces for Human Connection: Learning to leverage our access to great design to make change

Recorded 18 February 2021

Developmental Speech Perception: Forging Ahead on Models and Mechanisms

Recorded 14 January 2021

How to Design a Railway to Meet both the Customer Needs & Legal Requirements

Part of the ESEA Acoustics Master Lecture Series

Industrial Noise Control – Creativity and Innovation

Part of the ESEA Acoustics Master Lecture Series

Noise Assessment Practices

Part of the ESEA Acoustics Master Lecture Series

Noise Policies in Thailand – Case Studies

Part of the ESEA Acoustics Master Lecture Series

Keeping Traffic Noise at Bay in Hong Kong – Feasible or Impossible?

Part of the ESEA Acoustics Master Lecture Series

Explore Acoustics at Home

Recorded 9 December 2020

Tests and Testing: Hearing and Modern Aurality in the Long Twentieth Century

Recorded 21 October 2020

Acoustics of Ping-Pong: Vibroacoustic analysis of table tennis rackets and balls

Recorded 23 September 2020

Diana Deutsch, Ph.D.: Musical Illusions and Phantom Words

Recorded 15 September 2020

It’s in the Tone: The Acoustics of Social Judgments and Linguistic Profiling

Recorded 20 August 2020

Making meaning from data – from the acoustics lab to machine learning

Recorded 6 August 2020

Playing with Sound

Recorded 23 July 2020

International Noise Awareness Day 2018

Recorded 25 April 2018

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