Winners of the 2016 Explore Sound Logo Competition

$1,750 in Prizes Awarded

Congratulations to all of our participants, our 5 finalists and to the logo contest winners.  The Acoustical Society of America is extremely grateful for your efforts and your interest in acoustics.

Please bookmark this site and help expand its reach, depth and success. promises to be a cornerstone to the Acoustical Society of America’s mission to generate, disseminate, and promote the knowledge and practical applications of acoustics.

The Explore Sound logo design contest generated a plethora of very creative entries. A judging panel selected the top five designs and the final balloting was opened up to the entire ASA membership of more than 7,000.  Judges and members were presented with only the image entry to make their selection. The winning designs are:


 $1,000 Award

The New Explore Sound Logo...

Edith Moczarska


$500 Award


Jason Zastera


$250 Award


Yayan Anugrawan was the former K-12 outreach site of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), with activities for students and research-based, student-tested materials for teachers. The site will continue to feature this educational outreach effort. The scope and mission of the Explore Sound website is being expanded to encompass the entire breadth of acoustics as an initiative of the ASA Strategic Leadership for the Future plan. We want a logo that represents the expanded mission. The logo will be used primarily on the website but will also be used for branding other outreach materials.

Other Finalists


Edith Moczarska


Kara Kotwas