Women in Acoustics Committee

The Women in Acoustics (WIA) Committee is a subgroup of the Acoustical Society of America created in 1995. The committee fosters a supportive atmosphere within the Society and within the scientific community at large, ultimately encouraging women to pursue rewarding and satisfying careers in acoustics.

In 2017, Lauren Ronsee and Tracianne B. Neilsen wrote about honored prominent women in acoustics. Read the complete article here.

At each national meeting of the Society, a WIA luncheon is held, open to all meeting attendees. The luncheon provides fellowship and networking opportunities for women and supporters of women at the meeting.

In 2010, Marcia J. Isakson wrote about the history of women in acoustics in Acoustics Today Volume 6. Read the complete article here.

Although women have made major strides in the Society from one charter member in 1929 to the almost 1200 women participating today, there is more work to be done.

The WIA Committee hosts various events and programs. For more information visit the Women in Acoustics website.

Women in Acoustics Luncheon

These luncheons honor different women who have contributed to ASA and the field of acoustics. Recent honorees include:

  • Ilene J. Busch-Vishniac
  • Lisa M. Zurk
  • Alice H. Suter
  • Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou

To purchase a ticket, please refer to the registration page for the current meeting.

Listen Up and Get Involved!

At biannual ASA meetings, an interactive acoustic demonstration session is presented to local area Girl Scouts by ASA members. Anyone interested in helping out at an ASA meeting should contact the Women in Acoustics committee.

Come and explore this acoustic wonderland at the next ASA meeting!

Mentoring Program

ASA’s Committee on Women in Acoustics has established a mentoring program and is seeking individuals who wish to be mentored and those who wish to serve as mentors. Mentoring programs have been notably successful in helping to encourage the participation of younger members, women, and minorities in many large and small organizations.

If you are interested in finding or being a mentor, please contact the WIA Committee.