Thank you for your interest in the Acoustical Society of America’s Activity Kit!

The ASA Education Committee developed the activity kit for teachers, which includes supplies for a variety of lessons addressing acoustics for a range of K-12 students.

This kit includes enough materials to teach a class of 30 students with access to research-based, interactive, student-tested lessons and laboratory exercises along with several assessments and video clips of a class using the materials.

The examples and applications included in the kit relate to a range of topics including medical imaging, animal bioacoustics, physical and psychological acoustics, speech, audiology, and architectural acoustics.

The ping pong ball and tuning fork is a HUGE hit! They could do that all day if I let them. I even used it at parent night with the parents. Great way to show an exchange of energy and that sound is energy!


Teacher, Grade 6-8

I’m just so grateful you put this together. It was a great hands on way to demonstrate sound waves! THANKS!


Teacher, Grade 6-8

The kids were so into it that some went home and built the instruments again with their parents. HIGH SCHOOL kids did that. Amazing! Thank you!


Teacher, Grade 9-12

Thank you so much for the kit! It was such a useful tool to teach the kids. I can’t wait to use it again next year.


Teacher, Grade K-5

,The ASA Activity Kit is free for all K-12 education and outreach activities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • K-12 classroom use
  • K-12 educator workshops
  • K-12 after school programs
  • K-12 outreach activities

International requesters must pay shipping. If you would like to use the kit in other settings, such as university level courses, we request $100.00 to defer costs.

For questions or to acquire an activity kit, please email the ASA Education and Outreach Coordinator, Keeta Jones, at Supplies are limited!

The kit comes with the following materials:

  • 10 ping pong balls
  • 10 tuning forks
  • 4 mini posters
  • 150 pipe cleaners
  • 80 straws
  • 1 pre-assembled cup instrument
  • 1 small plastic slinky
  • 30 erasers
  • Access to video demonstrations of lessons

*orders are delivered in batches near the end of each month*

*Sound Level Meter & Mechanical Pencils are no longer included*

We recommend downloading the FREE National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Sound Level Meter for iOS

Keeta Jones

ASA Education and Outreach Coordinator

Please email me today if you would like to request a kit: