National Protect Your Hearing Month

The Acoustical Society of America observes National Protect Your Hearing Month each October to help raise awareness about the importance of protecting your hearing. For more information and resources about the causes and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), visit the  NIDCD It’s a Noisy Planet. Protect Their Hearing.® campaign website.


These are all activities you can do at home to learn about the importance of protecting your hearing.

Coloring Sheets

Learn how to protect your ears from loud sounds with 4 different printable loud sounds coloring sheets.

Dangerous Decibels Exhibit

Learn about loud sounds in this virtual exhibit with games, demonstrations and activities.

Acoustics Today

Read hearing science and hearing relating research published in Acoustics Today!

The Remarkable Cochlear Implant and Possibilities for the Next Large Step Forward

The modern cochlear implant is an astonishing success; however, room remains for improvement and greater access to this already marvelous technology.

Scientists with Hearing Loss Changing Perspectives in STEMM

The perspective of scientists who are deaf or hard-of-hearing provides novel insights into understanding auditory perception, hearing loss, and restoring auditory functionality.

What Is Electromotility?

Experiments on an inner ear sensory cell revealed that it converts electrical energy directly into mechanical energy at acoustic frequencies.

Hearing and Aging Effects on Speech Understanding: Challenges and Solutions

Development of effective, evidence-based solutions to overcoming communication barriers imposed by hearing loss is critical in our rapidly aging population.

Regeneration of Auditory Hair Cells: A Potential Treatment for Hearing Loss on the Horizon

Regeneration of cochlear hair cells is being investigated as a potential therapy for hearing impairments.

Preventing Occupational Hearing Loss

Proactive hearing loss prevention programs that reduce workplace noise are shifting the focus from documentation of an injury to the prevention of occupational hearing loss.

Hearing Scientists and Researchers

Meet the people who are researching hearing and hearing related topics!

Sandra Gordon-Salant

Sandra Gordon-Salant is a professor in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park, well known for her studies on speech perception and aging.

William A. Yost

William A. Yost served as president of the Acoustical Society of America and received the Gold Medal for his contributions to binaural hearing, pitch and modulation perception.

Gabriela Virginia Santiago

Gabriela Virginia Santiago’s academic interest are acoustics in intelligent environments, noise pollution, cognitive neuroscience of hearing, media art, and audiovisual sound design.

Alberto Behar

Alberto Behar has done research on the accuracy of sound level meters, on hearing protection, and on noise exposure of musicians.

Research Papers

These are “lay language” papers of compelling hearing related research, studies and findings.

Inciting our children to turn their music down: the “Age of Your Ear” concept

Presented Nov 8, 2018 at the 176th Meeting Acoustical Society of America in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Hearing Aids that Listen to Your Phone

Presented May 9, 2018 at the 175th ASA Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

Say what? Brief periods of hearing loss in childhood can have consequences later in life

Presented May 7, 2018 at the 175th ASA Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

Restoring stereo hearing to people with one deaf ear

Presented May 7, 2018 at the 175th ASA Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

What’s That Noise? The Effect of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus on Soldiers Using Military Headsets

Presented May 23, 2016 at the 171st ASA Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT.

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