Student Council

The ASA Student Council is charged with promoting the interests of Student Members in the Society. Activities of the Student Council include providing support to student members of the Society via a website and other means of disseminating information of mutual interest, advocating participation of students in Society activities and meetings, and promoting Society membership benefits to potential members. Students with general questions and concerns should contact their particular representative for more information.

ASA Student Council

Meet the Members

Read brief biographies about each of the current Student Council members on the Student Council website. The Council is made up of one member representing each ASA Technical Committee (TCs). Council representatives attend TC meetings and report on student activities.

Periodically, members of the Council graduate or move on with their career in acoustics. These transitions leave openings on the Council membership roster. If you are interested in being a representative for your technical committee, please don’t hesitate to contact the current Council chair.

Get Connected

If you want to know what ASA has in store for students both at and outside meetings, please like Student Council page on Facebook or follow Student Council on Twitter to connect with other students and receive periodic updates, announcements, and news. You can also join the Student Council LinkedIn group.

Be sure to visit the ASA Student website to learn about the various ways in which students can get involved in the Society, and how to make the most of the information on the upcoming meeting of the Acoustical Society of America.

Student Events at Meetings

Each ASA meeting provides social activities for students including the Student Reception and the Student Outing. The Reception is a light dinner event that offers an opportunity for students to meet informally with fellow students and other members of the Acoustical Society, introduces the Student Council, and presents door prizes.

The Outing is an informal event at a local bar or pub and is chosen for the students to go eat and drink and meet each other further. Check the Latest News and Events page before heading to the meeting to find times & locations of these social events.