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Students familiarize themselves with how to protect their hearing.

Science Topics

Sense of hearing

Process Skills


Grade Level





5-10 minutes


25 minutes


10 minutes

Learning Goals

Students will be able to:
• Understand different strategies for protecting their sense of hearing

Materials not in Kit

Coloring utensils


Gather materials and print enough color sheets for everyone.

Introduce the Activity

Explain that students will be coloring pictures about how to avoid dangerous sounds. Introduce the idea that some sounds are too loud, but there are ways we can protect our ears.

Doing the Activity

  1. Coloring
  2. Ask students what they have done when they heard a loud sound.
  3. Tell them there are some easy ways to protect their hearing and pass out the coloring pages.
    • Turn it down
    • Walk away
    • Protect your ears
  4. Students will color all the pages.
  5. Ask them when they might use the different strategies.


Students should understand that loud sounds can damage their hearing, but they can change their own behavior to avoid hearing loss.

Key Lesson Terminology

Walk Away – move away from the source of the loud sound

Protect your Ears – wear ear protection like ear plugs or noise canceling head phones

Turn it down – turn the volume down on personal listening devices

Optional Extensions

Visit the activities section of this website for more Dangerous Decibels activities students can do on their own.

Complete the Loud Sounds Bookmark lesson.