Identification Activity

Learn about echolocation and SONAR by trying to identify objects from a distance. You’ll need at least 1 friend to help with this project.

What you need

  • At least 2 people
  • 5-10 objects, 2 inches in detail or larger (tennis ball, nerf ball, banana, scissors)
  • A large open space at least 100 yards long (that’s 1 football field)


Here’s what you do

  1. Each of you should have a couple secret objects.
  2. Stand 100 yards apart (that’s the length of a football field) At this distance – using echolocation – dolphins could identify a 6 inch long fish.
  3. Hold up one of your mystery objects one at a time and let your friend try to identify them just by looking at them.
  4. You friend should now hold up their mystery objects one at a time and you can try to identify them.
  5. Move 20 yards closer and repeat.
  6. Keep moving closer together until you both are able to identify all the objects.

How close did you need to be to identify the objects?

Were some objects easier than others?

How can dolphins identify small fish that are 100 yards away? Visit this site, find out more!