Home activities

Home Activities

These are all activities you can do at home and still have fun learning about sound. Coloring, word search, games, and more!


Learn about how to protect your ears from loud sounds with 4 different printable coloring sheets.


Learn about the decibel scale and how loud different sounds are by cutting out these book marks.

Word Search

Learn about acoustics terminology in this word search!

Fish Finding Game

This game is kind of like tag where you can learn about echolocation. One person will be a dolphin and will hunt for fish, played by other people. You’ll want to play this game with 8-10 other people.

Cup Instrument

Learn how string instruments work by making your own out of a plastic cup and string.

Dangerous Decibels Virtual Exhibit

Games, demonstrations and activities about loud sounds.

Crossword Puzzle

Test your noise knowledge in this Noisy Planet crossword puzzle.