Fish Finding Game

Learn about echolocation in this fish finding game. One person will be a dolphin and will hunt for fish, played by other people.

Here’s what you need

  • 8-10 people
  • A blindfold*

*If don’t have a blind fold, you can just close your eyes. No peaking!

Here’s how to play

  • Have one person be the dolphin, four people will be objects and three will be fish.
    • The dolphin will wear the blindfold (or keep their eyes closed)
    • Objects are to lay, sit or stand in one place
    • Fish move around slowly winding in and out of objects
  • The dolphin tries to locate a fish.
    • The dolphin makes a noise, “beep” and any object or fish in front of the dolphin is required to respond
    • objects will say, “object”, and
    • Fish will say, “fish”
  • Once the dolphin touches a fish
    • The tagged fish becomes the dolphin
    • The objects and fish switch

Now try this:

  • Have the dolphin beep continuously. Does this make it easier to find the fish?

Other things to try:

  • If the dolphin is having trouble locating fish or if the fish are misbehaving, have the fish move one step per beep or simply have them stand still
fish finding

Special Thanks

to Discovery of the Sound in the See ( for the idea of the fish finding found as an extension of the Teacher Resource “In Other Words.”