read about acoustics

Read about acoustics

Do you want to learn about past research or ongoing projects? Check out these free resources and read about acoustics!

Acoustics Today

This quarterly magazine contains tutorials, technical articles, ASA news, and more. The pieces in the magazine are aimed at people with a general background in acoustics, but might not be versed in the particular featured subject. Read about acoustics from any issue here.


Lay Language Papers

Lay language papers are short versions of papers and talks presented at Annual Meetings of the Acoustical Society of America. Please keep in mind that some of the research described in the lay papers may not have yet been peer reviewed. See all papers here.

Using Sound to Engineer Blood Vessels

There is a critical need for organs and tissues for patients in need of organ transplantation or tissue reconstruction. The field of tissue engineering focuses on developing technologies that enable the replacement or repair of diseased or injured tissues and organs. Recent advances in this field include the engineering of skin substitutes, cartilage replacements, and artificial bladders, all of which are relatively thin tissues.

The Characteristics of Words that Lead to Malapropisms

One type of speech error currently under investigation is the malapropism. A malapropism is a whole word that supplants an intended word. (Other types of speech errors involve segments of sound supplanting intended sound segments). The words that are involved in malapropisms are related to each other in the way that they sound. However, the words that are involved in malapropisms are not related to each other in their meanings.

Tomar Medicamentos Por Medio De Ultrasonido?

En este articulo describimos los resultatos obtenidos en el transporte de poli-1-lizinas de alto peso molecular a traves de la piel.

Modes of Vibration and Directivity of Percussion Instruments

When the membrane is struck, many different modes or patterns of vibrations are excited, including the six important ones […]. Each of these modes of vibration has its own pattern of radiation.