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Department of Electrical Engineering
Department Street Address
Ørsteds Plads
Kgs. Lyngby (Copenahgen region)
Degrees Offered
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Program Summary

The Engineering Acoustics MSc programme provides in depth knowledge in a wide range of topics in acoustics. The MSc offers a wide variety of courses such as architectural acoustics, loudspeaker design, human hearing, psychoacoustics, acoustic measurement methods, signal processing, music technology, environmental acoustics, machine learning, audio engineering, noise, vibration modelling, control, etc. The choice of courses in the students’ individual study plan offers a high degree of flexibility. You can design your own study plan and specialize in architectural acoustics, audio systems and transducers, vibration, hearing science, signal processing, psychoacoustics, technical acoustics, etc.

The masters is taught by the Acoustic Technology and the Hearing Systems research groups, in collaboration with other departments at DTU. The two research groups host 12 full-time faculty staff members, and a total of approximately 90 employees working in acoustics, hearing science, audio and vibration. The university has world-class experimental facilities (two anechoic chambers, three reverberation rooms, a sound field reproduction room, a virtual reality lab, vibration laboratories, psychophysical and psychoacoustic labs, standardized listening rooms, fabrication and state of the art measurement equipment).

The program is run in close collaboration with the acoustics industry; 60% of the MSc thesis projects are done with companies in the area and internationally. The profile of our candidates is highly valued by acoustic companies and the growing sector of sound, hearing, data and audio technology. The current employment rate in the sector (as of 2019) is above 95%. Denmark has a longstanding reputation in acoustics and a unique industrial network, including some of the largest international companies in hearing aid technology, loudspeaker and audio production, headphones, headsets, microphone and sensor manufacturers, consulting firms, medical technology, communications, virtual audio, gaming, etc.

The Engineering Acoustics MSc attracts students from all over the world seeking to expand their knowledge of acoustics and become experts in the field. This means that you will be part of an international study environment with focus on exciting interdisciplinary studies of acoustics. The university is in the urban area of Copenhagen (municipality of Kongens Lyngby). The city offers a very high quality of life, entertainment, cultural activities, easy international access, transportation, etc.

The MSc programme is free of charge for EU citizens.

Graduate Program Website
Efren Fernandez Grande
0045 45253940

Funding is available from the Acoustical Society of America through a program of fellowships, scholarships, prizes, grants, and student and young professional awards.

There are also funding opportunities that are offered in connection with meetings of the Society including Student Travel Grants, Best Paper Awards for Students and Young Presenters, Young Investigator Travel Grants and Dependent Care Subsidies.

The Committee on International Research and Education oversees the International Student Grants program as well as sponsorship of Specialty Symposia in Acoustics.

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