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McGill University – Music
Schulich School of Music
Strathcona Music Building
555 Sherbrooke St. W.

The Music Technology Program at McGill University offers courses and degrees at both the graduate (MA and PhD) and undergraduate levels. Music Technology encourages interaction between musical creation, technology and research. The pedagogical goal of the Music Technology program is to provide students with an environment where advanced scientific research is applied to music and music making. Training includes courses in Digital Signal Processing, Computer Science, Music Information Retreival, Human-Computer Interaction, Music Perception and Cognition, and Musical Acoustics. Research goals of the program include the study and development of new and flexible strategies for sound analysis, processing, synthesis and control, melodic pattern recognition, computational acoustic modeling, auditory display, symbolic manipulation of formal music representations, as well as the psychoacoustics of musical sounds and structures.
Graduate Program Representative: Gary P. Scavone
(514) 398-4535, extension- 089834


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