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Department of Linguistics
Department Street Address
1290 University of Oregon
Degrees Offered
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Program Summary

The Speech Perception and Production Lab at the University of Oregon asks how people perceive and produce speech, with a particular focus on non-native perception and production. We conduct laboratory phonology and psycholinguistic experiments looking at speech perception and production and acoustic-phonetic analyses of speech.

Director and Principal Investigator: Dr. Melissa Baese-Berk

Funding is available from the Acoustical Society of America through a program of fellowships, scholarships, prizes, grants, and student and young professional awards.

There are also funding opportunities that are offered in connection with meetings of the Society including Student Travel Grants, Best Paper Awards for Students and Young Presenters, Young Investigator Travel Grants and Dependent Care Subsidies.

The Committee on International Research and Education oversees the International Student Grants program as well as sponsorship of Specialty Symposia in Acoustics.

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